large rectangular pink and black art

is a large contemporary art work with pink, green and black paints

160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)


large green and black original painting
details of black and white paints
close up of Orchis by Swarez

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Lime green and pink

I have to make an admission here – I love the combination of pink and lime green. I discovered it a few years back and have painted a few originals in these colours over the years (currently you can see Stardust and Last Train Home as examples of what I mean).

Like all things that swirl around my brain the fun part is trying to make sense of the things I imagine. That means learning new techniques, developing new tools or figuring out how to take a concept and modify it so that I create something new.

For Orchis I wanted to find a way of being able to move large volumes of paint into specific areas using my centrifugal table. It’s a nifty bit of kit and one I use wherever I can. In fact it was used throughout the entire creative process of the painting but at varying speeds and with numerous interval  breaks (to allow for layer curing).

Flora and Fauna

I am no botanist, no horticulturalist and I don’t profess to have much knowledge about plants, flowers or trees. I should educate myself more and it is definitely on my list of things to get a better knowledge on.

But of course that never stops me from being inspired. Far from it. I came into the painting with thoughts of flowers and that became the subject matter from the start – hence the name being a fabricated derivative of Orchid.

Orchis green and pink abstract art

Keeping it abstract

Please understand though that I am not trying to paint an orchid, or any other flower for that matter – I am simply using the thoughts of them in compiling shapes, colours and layers.

After all, this is an abstraction and therefore shouldn’t relate to much in terms of the real world right? That’s always the hard bit because not only are we influenced by it as a viewer but so to are we influenced as creatives. It’s very hard to escape that bit of your brain that’s always trying to make sense of everything.

Sometimes it’s very hard to get away from that but it does have its advantages and in Orchis that’s a beautifully executed bonus!

Oh and one last thing – this is one of ten originals that contains a unique colour called Swarez Viola. It’s a single can of paint that existed nowhere else on the planet until that one can was made. Now that these ten have been painted it will never be made again – how’s that for exclusive!

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