square original painting by a chair

is a mid sized abstract painting with lime and pink colours

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


Stardust painting by Swarez
lime green and pink art
Stardust abstract art by Swarez

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Lime green and pink

What a combination of colours lime green and pink is. I have used it fairly recently on another panting called Last Train Home but in a completely different style and arrangement.

Part of the reason this works so well is the difference in contrast between the two colours. On one hand you have deep and rich pink and on the other you have light and fresh lime – when opposites exist together they can create some truly memorable moments.

The art of spin

Stardust was created using my custom built spin table. It’s essentially a controllable rotating platform that can accelerate up to 200rpm from zero in a couple of seconds. That’s pretty frightening when you think of the size of canvases I work on!

You can learn more about my spin techniques and the table and also watch it being used live on a recent YouTube video from my Live Streaming sessions.

abstract lime green and pink art by Swarez

Creating layers

The painting is created from three main layers. Firstly there’s the base layer which is a series of three shapes made from black, pink and lime green.

On to this went those colours again but this time tempered with cream and white. The process then becomes a question of how much to apply, when to rotate and for how long. These three parameters set up the layering.

I have to work in a reverse sequence so that I can get the lower layers going out far but retain the top layers in the centre. Imagine it like a wedding cake that has a wide base then works up to a small tier on the top.

That’s the basic principle in spin technique layering for me. it really helps with the depth of the painting and stops it from becoming one dimensional.

The perfect shape and size

I really like square paintings because you can turn them in four orientations and have four paintings in one! I have shown a few of those variations in the photos to illustrate my point. I enjoy having the flexibility to swap the way it looks from time to time.

Stardust is also not too big so although it looks that way in the photo with me in it, actually it’s very accommodating and manageable.

So I think it will fit into almost any space no matter of the size of the room space it hangs in.

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