Forty Mile Town


‘Forty Mile Town’
is a huge modern art painting created in a very individual style

300cm x 150cm (118″ x 59″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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coloured paints on canvas details
very big abstract-art
coloured paints on canvas details

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The same but different

This magnificent, large sized abstract painting is the giant version of Elemental Spirit which I painted a few months ago. I wanted to go big once I cracked the principles of how to do this new kind of painting.

As with all my original artworks though it stands on its own as unique, and has some significant differences over its sibling on which it was based.

The first is obviously the size. it’s huge! At 3 meters long and 1.5m high it commands attention. So you’ll need a very large wall if this is something you’re considering. At this size it’s firmly in the ‘wow’ camp!

Colours and tones

Next up is the colours. I made some changes to the paints I used on the smaller one and the result is much more considered palette of colour. There’s not to many shouting colours here; I opted to tone down most of them as I wanted to celebrate the differences between black and white without colour diffusing that principle.

Additionally to that I also had a firm objective in my mind that this would be more towards the monochromatic end of the scale as I find so many home refurbs and renovations contain natural tones these days and not everyone wants to put a circus on their wall! Sometimes you need just enough of something to make your point without the need to smack you in the face every time you walk past it. If you do then I have other paintings that will satisfy that urge.

Forty Mile Town abstract art from Swarez

Form vs. fluidity

The last major difference I want to mention is the way in which the painting is actually formed.

There is a lot more structure to the upright applications in Forty Mile Town, when compared to Elemental Spirit. They are far less organic and more rigid in appearance. This is how I get the town reference in tot he painting. The taller structures can be interpreted as buildings if you want them to be. I certainly had that in mind when I painted it but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on that as reference point if you respond in a different way.

Then we have the infinite number of details and tiny effects that mainly form where the black meets the white – it’s my favourite part of the painting. The sheer amount of things going on can be reminiscent of the bustling life of a city or a space where people meet and go about their business. It’s a melee of styles, techniques and effects – each one as individual as you and I.

This large abstract painting is going to look unbelievable given a large wall somewhere and plenty of light. If that sounds like a space you have then drop me a line using the form below.

close up of Forty Mile Town by Swarez
large black and white coloured art
close up of Forty Mile Town by Swarez

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