Tranquility Base

large modern art for a contemporary living space

‘Tranquility Base’
is a huge abstract filled with amazing details and stunning colours

190cm x 190cm (75″ x 75″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of Tranquility Base by Swarez
Tranquility Base large square abstract art by Swarez
aqua green and black paint

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Finding that special place

If you are in the market for a large modern art painting, for a contemporary living space, then consider this intense and engaging new original called Tranquility Base. So, what can I tell you about this large scale abstract painting then? Well, for starters – it’s big! And by that I mean its physical size of course but also its personality.

The whole painting is themed around some big ideas and, as its name would suggest, it is all about finding that place where everything is perfect. That tranquil, idyllic space where time doesn’t matter and where you feel at your most content and grounded.

You can choose to see an entry into a woodland paradise or a distant land when everything is green and fertile. You can choose to see a far away world where the air is filled with sweet fragrance and gentle light or you can choose to see something entirely different. The point is that if it triggers something you can associate with then you’ve won; that’s the secret to a great abstract – connection, irrespective of the subject matter it relates to.

Putting the painting together

Creating large scale paintings always has its challenges. One of those is the ability to step away from it to a distance where you can see it (as it would be hung on a wall). That’s impossible for me as I paint flat on the floor so I cannot get higher than my paint room ceiling to get a decent view. So, when I commit to something as important as this I need to make sure my perspective is correct and that I evenly weigh all the elements together.

Achieving a harmonious balance between light and dark is always the most important thing. When colour is involved it gets even more complicated as they can soon run away with the show if I’m not careful.

Additionally, with the strong and dominant black border that stretches around 60% of the painting, getting the balance between colour and darkness was critical –  even more so when you consider that this is all about reaching that special place I mentioned above. Can’t have some dark, repressive feeling surrounding now can we?

The result of this care and attention is to harbor a sense of warmth and connection with the use of black. Think of it as a lead in to a bright and perfect universe. The gateway into better things. It also serves as a protective barrier in my eyes. So it wins on all levels.

very large square modern art painting

Colours and techniques

This is where the painting really comes alive. In the use of colours and forms. Now we understand the role of black in the painting we can look at the stunning paint colours and effects I have created. And the one that stands out for me is the aqua green – it’s the thing I notice first.

It has a fluorescent-like quality to it which is most noticeable when paired with a dark colour like black, so these bounce off each other very well. I then weave in some rich, warm burgundy and maroon colours and this fuses with purple brilliantly. It’s another one of those calming colours that I love to use.

Then we see waves or blended blue that forms a backdrop to the elements that sing and dance in the centre. This allows the carefree side of the painting to shine in the use of red, black and white. These three colours take the painting from nice to great and I don’t say that with a big head. I refer to these colours as being the ones that create the much needed focal point and the reason why you can appreciate all the others.

Light needs darkness and vice versa. One serves the other.

As for techniques, well, where do I start? There’s probably most of them in there somewhere (of the ones I use anyway). Of particular note are the long stem-like drags that I made through the paint with the side of a grout spreader. These have formed shapes that remind me of plant leaves and appear mostly in the maroon section. I don’t move paint like this very often but it felt right on this occasion.


This large scale, epic painting is all about that special place we all long to reach. Whatever that looks and feels like for you will be uniquely your own. Fortunately, now you can also own an abstraction of that. Tranquility Base is an ever-changing and evolving painting with stunning details, exquisite techniques and a beautiful finish.

Perfect for the giant space you keep staring at!

purple and silver paint
large square multi coloured art
paint on canvas

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