Time Shift

spin art abstract painting

‘Time Shift’
is an explosive, colourful spin painting created with my incredible enamel paints

120cm diameter (47″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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Limited Edition Acrylic Print
Paper prints for home framing
Framed prints, ready to hang

orange pink and purple paint details
circular painting with purple and orange
spinning pink paints

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About the painting

Time Shift is a mid sized abstract painting that was created on a 4ft circular  canvas and subjected to series of rotational spins on my awesome spin table. The technique of spinning paint is not a new one by any means but each time I do it there’s always a different outcome than the time before and for me, the process is always evolving and never gets old.

This painting features orange and purple as its focus colours but also has elements of blue, white black, pink and lilac. It’s a great colour combination and one that really gets the pulse going. The mixture of heat and cool is spot on in my opinion and it’s a colour scheme that will really benefit from being around natural elements like wood and stone.


A quick glance at the photos will give you some idea bout how intricate and engaging the painting becomes as you move in closer to the canvas surface. The combination of my paint and the rotational spins produces some breath-taking effects.

When you also consider the range of motion the painting has it starts to really become something special. Details are one thing but to then start sending them out in all directions sheds a whole new light on the viewing experience.

In many ways it’s like colliding particles together – that often produces reactions we never imagined and it’s a relatively similar process when you smash paint together under the force of gravity. You never quite know what will happen as every placement of paint remains unique across time and so to do the ones next to that and so on and so on. This is part of the fun; the unknown.


You may like to know that there are prints available for this painting. One version is printed onto 5mm thick glossy acrylic and measures 70cm x 50vm (only a limited number produced worldwide) and the other is a paper print in a selection of sizes for you to frame at home.

Now you can enjoy Time Shift whatever you wall space and budget.

Here is the Limited Edition Acrylic Print
Here are the paper prints for home framing
Here are the framed  prints, ready to hang

round spin painting by Swarez Art
radial paint splatters
round spin painting above a grey sofa
details of Time Shift by Swarez

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