Total Immersion

red and yellow abstract painting

‘Total Immersion’
is a vibrant new painting featuring orange, red and yellow as its feature colours

120cm x 120cm (48″ x 48″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of Total Immersion art by swarez
orange and red abstract art on a wall
paint swirls on canvas

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A few facts about the painting

Total Immersion is a square abstract painting that features orange, red and yellow as its main focus colours. Added into this warm and vibrant mix goes bright pink (actually called Telemagenta) and a little black. It’s a great combination of colours and one I have used exclusively a few times before to great success.

Much of that is down to the process I have used each time and it’s one that uses a rotating table that moves on two axis – so it tilt’s as well as rotates. You can see exactly what I mean in the video below – a video where I created Total Immersion LIVE with no breaks and in front of  YouTube audience.

Using the right colours

The first thing that gets you about this incapsulating painting is the colour choice and the way I have crafted them together to create these incredible forms and movements. The importance of gravity cannot be overstated here (as you will see in the video) but alongside the obvious forces of nature there needs be a cautionary tale about experience here.

It’s all very well throwing paint around and hoping for the best but that leads to ruin more times than not. So it is with a careful eye and the practice I have had over the last ten years that allows me to take a modestly simple technique and use to create something magnificent. It hadn’t used to be that way but that’s how it has become. And that’s a testament to resilience and practice.

All of that repeated dedication to the cause results in a composition that is as engaging and rewarding as it gets. Every twist and turn tells its own story and so much of that is because of the way i have woven the colours into each other.

The end result

This is a painting that delivers from every viewing angle. It is warm, vibrant and engaging. The very heart of this original is its colours and how they are formed into these complex shapes and forms.

It’s convenient size makes it the perfect fit for almost any room or wall size and it has the ability to add light and drama to the even the most darkest of spaces.

Total Immersion original art by Swarez
orange and black paint swirls
square abstract painting
pink paint on canvas

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