square art above a grey sofa

is a square abstract painting featuring incredible spun paint details

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


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Pendulum art details
colorful spin painting
blue yellow and black paint on canvas

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About the painting

Pendulum is a square abstract spin painting created using my enamel paints and a spin table. I use this amazing bit of machinery whenever I can because not only do I get the chance to experiment, but I also know that every time I try something I get something unexpected.

And this is most definitely the case with Pendulum. It’s a combination of colours placed onto a solid black background. The colours were applied using a spilt pour cup – this is essentially a large mug with a series of divisions inside it. Each one of these allows me to pour in a different colour without it mixing in with the one next to it.

Once the base layer of black was brushed on, I immediately poured on the paint from the cup and did so in a series of randomised circles and loops. At this point it’s time to spin the canvas on the spin table and hope for the best.

Crucial decisions

Now it’s definitely worth a word of caution here because I can make things sound very easy when in actual fact there’s a lot of micro decision making going on all the time. The biggest and most important one will always be how long to spin the canvas for.

This can get very tricky because I can’t really see what’s happening whilst it’s spinning, which means I must stop it when I think it’s the right time. I will often add paint after the first spin or manoeuvre the paint around a bit before spinning for a second time, but on this occasion one spin was all it took.

Getting it right

The moment the table stopped I knew I had an absolute peach of a painting. I’ve never done anything like this before and I am thrilled with the result. The details are extraordinary and the whole mass is just perfect.

The bold centre is like a rip in time and is the focal point that everything else is built around. It’s like the black hole that’s sucking everything in (to me anyway). The colours that surround it are magnificent and joyous and contain every kind of minute detail you could imagine.

The small size and square nature of this painting means that not only is convenient to fit in almost anywhere but you can also rotate the canvas into any orientation – even choosing a diamond shape if you’re feeling adventurous.

spin art called pendulum by swarez

close up of enamel paint on canvas
bright colored spin art above a console table
spin painting details

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