Neptune’s Fountain

maroon and turquoise painting on a wall

‘Neptunes Fountain’
is a large original artwork featuring incredible details and a palette of stunning colours

250cm x 130cm (98″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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gold and maroon paint on canvas
aqua and blue art
details of turquoise aqua paint on canvas

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All things nautical

Neptune’s Fountain is a large sized original artwork featuring a wealth of colours I associate with the sea. Refreshing aqua and turquoise fuse with a warm current of maroon and burgundy to form a spectacular and thoughtful abstract.

In addition to these are highlights of blue and silver as well as a rich seam of gold that runs in veins throughout the painting – something that often reveals itself in the most sensational of ways.

The way that this painting is constructed is very much in waves. You can see ho each colour band is fused into the next one and so on; mimicking the natural rhythm of the oceans.

Scale and depth

There are many things I love about my craft and getting to work on a large scale is right up there among my favourites. The ability to use a large canvas means I can convey what I see in my head with greater freedom and in much grander terms.  When you stand in front of this you get an overwhelming feeling of being part of it – that’s something you don’t tend to get with a smaller art work. Of course, I am generalizing but you get the idea.

The other great thing about doing this kind of painting is the ability to create a sense of depth. I mean, you could literally step into it right? I can imagine being carried off on a gentle current or be swimming among the reef as I sit and contemplate this. It has a tremendous influence over your eyes that you  find yourself wandering off in all the complexity and movement without even thinking about it.

That’s one of the well practiced techniques I use for layering and sequencing paint. Colour, volume and density all play their part in creating the illusion of perspective and this is a classic example of how to achieve that.

very large abstract painting called Neptunes Fountain by Swarez
metallic silver paints on canvas art
big abstract artwork in a modern living room
gold paint details

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