Moonlight Harvest

Moonlight Harvest modern art by Swarez

‘Moonlight Harvest’
is a bold abstract painting featuring yellow, pink and blue colours

160cm x 110cm (63″ x 43″)

£1350 (was £2700)

includes UK delivery

corner of a canvas painting
yellow and blue abstract art on a wall
splattered paint details

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Unusual beginnings

Moonlight Harvest was created from a series of paint droplets that were applied using the rounded shape of a Space Hopper (also knw as a Hippety Hop). That might sound quite random but in fact it’s a very suitable vessel for letting paint cascade around it.

With that as the basic principle, pink, blue and yellow paints were poured onto the hopper and then dripped off at the bottom after gravity had taken effect. To avoid everything collecting into one giant melee of paint we designed and built a platform to suspend it from and also to move in two directions – this gave us control over where the paint droplets were allowed to drop and in what volumes.

To see this in practice you can watch the video of how it was made.

Levels of detail

The result of this attention to detail and forward planning is a painting unlike anything else I have done. It’s delicate and bold all at the same time and it always seems to remind me of fields of flowers you see in the countryside. Rows of poppies or rape seed fill my imagination whenever I look at this.

There’s an ever-changing landscape of colour to take in and different fusions of paint that form intricate and beautiful details. And just when you think you’ve seen everything, another part of it leaps out at you and you discover new ways to enjoy the painting.

Paint and canvas never ceases to amaze me and by pushing back your own boundaries you really can open up a world of new possibilities.

art created with a Space Hopper

Colour combinations

The three main colours here of magenta pink, sunset yellow and light blue really are a powerhouse of emotive responses. In single masses they are great but in small, delicate droplets they are astonishing!

Let’s not forget the additions of red, gold and black though – these play an important role in grounding the power of the three primary colours and not only anchor the painting but also give it a little depth and warmth.

Ultimately it’s a modern art painting that can live just about anywhere. Any space is going to lifted and enhanced with this colour combination and this level of detail and engagement. Perfect for that big wall space you keep looking at!

details of Moonlight Harvest by Swarez
yellow splashed painting
red and blue painting details

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