Lavender Fields

purple lilac art on a wall

‘Lavender Fields’
is a beautiful and serene painting featuring lilac, mauve and gold tones

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of Lavender Fields by Swarez Art
light purple art
details of Lavender Fields by Swarez Art

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The lilac leap

Lavender Fields is a square contemporary art work that features lilac and mauve paint as the two primary colours with gold, silver, blue and white accents. It’s a very fluid style of painting which means that I’ve let certain areas of paint form and move of their own accord after I have finished applying paint.

That means that I’ve let some of the paint take on an organic nature whilst others are controlled in their placement. The result is a spectacular and infinitely engaging leap into all things purple and the million tiny details that appear within it. The colour, whilst appearing singular and regular from a distance, is actually a highly complex and structured mass of subtle tones and hues.

The gold is a particular highlight as it brings warmth and a little razzmatazz to the whole piece and as soon as the light hits it the whole things lights up – it’s amazing to see for real.

Blending and forming

It’s a relatively easy process to slap on big blocks of colour and call it art. The difference with me is that I turn those into expressions of complete wonder and awe. If you want proof of that just cycle through the close up images showing how detailed this painting is.

It differs from most in that it is entirely dominated by a rich, lilac that covers everything. I don’t often let a single colour take over so much but with this painting I wanted to create two paintings in one. The first is the initial hit you get when you see it. There’s no mistaking that huge wash of lilac and mauve – no matter where you view it from.

Closer inspection reveals a totally new world of microscopic levels of detail. I am obsessed with that. It’s almost infinitely engaging.

There’s also a calming nature to the painting which is not always evident. It’s colour and form lends itself to a state of relaxation and peace according to my focus group (they’re seldom wrong!). If you like purple, you’re going to love this!

lilac and mauve abstract painting
lilac fluid paint flows
mauve and lilac painting above a sofa
lilac fluid paint flows

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