Red Moon

black and gold art above a chair

‘Red Moon’
is a bold, contemporary artwork featuring black, white and gold paint

180cm x 120cm (71″ x 47″)


big black paint shape on canvas
large black and white painting in open spac
silver and black paint

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The what and the how

Red Moon is a large contemporary painting created with gold, silver, black and white paints on canvas. It was created on one of my live stream broadcasts in early 2021 and features a magnificent arc of black which has become the focal point of the painting.

In fact, it came out of nowhere really and was the result of some quick thinking on my part after I spilled some black paint. I decided to use it rather than waste it so quickly changed my approach to the painting – which was to go another way altogether.

Where the name came from

When I was looking for a suitable name it was my colleague Adrian who suggested Red Moon. The red, however, doesn’t denote any colour in the actual painting but instead a reference to the former Soviet Union.

We have both recently been watching a series on Apple TV+ called ‘For All Mankind’ which chronicles what may have happened if the Russians had landed on the moon before the Americans. It’s a brilliantly written drama and I urge you to watch it if you can.

The Russian link came down to the painting reminding me of the hammer and sickle that the flag carried upon it. So, when you couple that with the moon-like colours and textures the name seemed to fit brilliantly – so we kept it!

large black and white abstract art

The yin and the yang

The actual painting, names aside. Is a wonderful expression of light and dark. There are textures as well as high and low points and the way in which the gold pulls everything together is quite remarkable. It also has the ability to refract light in the most amazing ways.

The addition of a metallic silver tempers down the depth of the black and yet also provides drama of its own as it cascades off the canvas without care for anything else going on around it.

Oh that black!

But it is the black circle in the centre that really turns this painting from good to great. You can’t miss it and you can’t ignore it and yet, as you move close in you get the most delicate of details featured inside it. Small frons and cells give way to craters and bubbles.

I absolutely love this artwork because it’s so different to anything I have done recently. It’s bold and confident as well as being a real attention grabber – perfect for the big white wall you’ve been staring at for so long!

black paint details
shimmering gold paint

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