Violet Island

Abstract art by Swarez

‘Violet Island’
is a bold, multi-coloured artwork with a thousand tiny details

250cm x 80cm (98″ x 32″)


fiery red paint on a painting
Violet Island painting by Swaraz Art
details of a Swarez painting

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A real statement!

This is a magnificent painting created with a series of rich, deep colours. It has a very grounded and earthy quality to it yet, despite that, it remains a powerful and intense statement – perfect for almost any space. I especially see it being welcomed into a dining room or behind a sofa.

One of the main reasons I like this painting is its ability to make you stop and stare at it. I’ve tried to walk past it in my gallery but it’s almost impossible!

How the painting works

There are many stand out features to talk about but one of my favourite ones is the way the paint colours are arranged. From the outset you are greeted by two big masses of maroon/burgundy/grape that form the left and right sides. This is the warm-up act before the main event. It sets the tone for what comes next.

These two areas are populated with all kinds of details and could easily be paintings in their own right.

Then we get the hit of the colours in the centre. For me it feels like a bolt of sunshine bursting through the clouds. It’s a real assault on the senses as you let the myriad of colours and forms wash over you in waves. Move in a little closer and you start to see all the intricate details and twists and turns. And believe me there are many!

long abstract painting

The best of both worlds

From a distance the painting is very peaceful, almost subdued. But as you move in closer the whole feeling changes and you get these constant waves of drama and intrigue pile up and let loose. So, if you need something you can get personal with on your own terms yet have it seamlessly blend into the background when you don’t, then this could be the perfect painting.

It has a very glossy finish too which plays with light in the most unexpected way. Sometimes you’ll see pars of it disappear then reappear in a different light – it’s completely captivating!

I think most of all though I like this because it has such a level of confidence about it. Bold and brave on one hand yet subtle and welcoming on the other.

black paint on a canvas art painting
big open plan space with art hanging
purple colored abstract art

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