rainbow-coloured-large-painting and two chairs

is a stunning, vibrant abstract painting created from a unique technique!

190cm x 140cm (74″ x 55″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of colorful art called Riviera
big colorful art in a large space
paint details on canvas

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Creating the unthinkable

Riviera is a large abstract painting created with a large number of different colored enamel paints. I did this during one of my live stream broadcasts (scroll down to watch) using a giant barrel to roll across the surface of a very colourful series of paints.

The result is really quite breath-taking as is a testament to the preparation went in beforehand. To the best of my knowledge no-one has ever attempted anything like this before and, as a consequence, never produced an artwork like this before either!

This is a very colorful, big artwork and as such will need a decent sized open space to hang in. It’s a commanding piece and one that definitely requires attention which is a good thing – after all, isn’t that why we choose art? To be wowed and seduced by it?

Depth and form

The sheer depth of colors here is a real eye-opener (especially as I know what the colors look like for real). Yet it never eases to amaze me just how rich and vibrant a painting can become with the right combinations and volumes of color.

Added to that is the sheer complexity of the details. Part of the technique was to add a little of my special sauce (a secret ingredient) that went right through the centre of the painting. This has caused a piercing swell of celling to form through the middle which looks unbelievable and is a terrific contrast to what goes on around it. It literally shoots right up the centre like a speeding bullet!

These forms have subsequently dried and cured to form the most wonderful, evocative shapes that I could only ever be reminded of a seaside holiday when I look at it (in landscape orientation anyway). This is where the name came from and it’s one that fits perfectly. Such a rich a varied palette of colour and more than a passing hint to warm seas and oceans lapping away at the shoreline whilst people go about their business.

In places the paint actually feels like water and can almost hear the gentle waves as I look closer still.

Riviera abstract art by Swarez
paint that looks like water
big painting in a hallway
colorful enamel paints

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