orange and yellow abstract art on a wall

is a sumptuous and rich painting with a striking series of paint strokes

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


red fluorescent paint on canvas
turquoise and yellow art in a hallway
yellow and blue paint details

Unusual color choices

Positron is a large, square contemporary painting that was created using my very special enamel paints. I used a number of interesting colours to form a painting that really does have to be seen to be believed. Primarily, the main colors are orange, yellow and green (lime green to be precise). It’s not a combination I have ever used before (that I can remember anyway!) and one that shouldn’t really work – but it does – and brilliantly too!

In fact, the choice of colors is so pronounced, so vibrant and so confident that I am planning a series of different techniques to use them with. Added to the main ones are a carefully chosen supporting cast of blue, chocolate, turquoise, black and a very special color called Rocket Red (did I mention it’s insanely expensive too?).

No matter what kind of space you have – open plan, narrow, gothic, neo-classic – this is simply going to look incredible hung almost anywhere. And you won’t need acres of white walls to hang it either; you’d be surprised just how accommodating this painting is in even the smallest of spaces.

Getting the look

The movement of paint was achieved by pouring onto a flat canvas that was attached to my custom built pan and tilt table. It’s a one-off creation that allows me to not only rotate the canvas but also adjust it’s relationship to a horizontal (flat) plane. So I can tilt and rotate at the same time if I want to. This has some pretty profound effects on the paint when large volumes of it are subjected to the forces of gravity.

If you watch the live stream video of how this was created you’ll see exactly what I mean. The video is the documented story of how it was created from the very first paint pour to the last turn of the table.

Part of the success of these styles of painting relies on judging when the right moment to tilt and rotate is. Add to that the placement of paint and the volumes required to achieve an effect and you can see how the build up of choices ad decisions can get pretty overwhelming.

Also bear in mind that early paint applications will start to cure by the time the later ones are put on so they tend to move less – this causes problems for the fresh ones over the top (you get a weird globbing effect). So that has to be taken into account along with all the other layers of paint and how they are going to react with every tilt and very rotate. The line between awesome and shite is a very thin one.

square modern art painting

Rocket Red

There is no denying that this is the star of the show. it is a fluorescent paint too so get any UV light source on it and it becomes like molten lava! And I’m not kidding either! It’s one of the reasons why it’s so expensive.

The way it has fused to the other paints is quite remarkable and something I don’t fully understand as it’s a different type of enamel paint to the rest of them I guess I’ll work the chemistry out one day!

The whole painting is an absolute belter and one you will enjoy for a lifetime! Constant motion, unreal colors and details that will blow your mind.

details of paint cells
large square art in an open space
close up of Positron artwork by Swarez