Liquid Disco


‘Liquid Disco’
is a big, bright abstract painting filled with almost every colour imaginable!

170cm x 130cm (67″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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Great things from simple ideas

Liquid Disco is a large abstract painting created with just about every colour there is! This rainbow-inspired, multi colour beauty is simply breathtaking from any angle. It’s created with my trusted enamel paints and stretched around a frame after it’s cured. This means the canvas continues around the edges  – awesome!

The colours are simply out of this world and I am a firm believer in having plenty of colour to surround us. So don’t be afraid of this, or its size, because (given the right wall space) it is going to transform a life at some point or another. It is that uplifting and happy that I simply don’t have adequate words to describe it.

I painted it live on air on one of my famous Wednesday night broadcasts and I have to say it was one of the best evenings ever! Watch here how this large rainbow colored abstract painting was created.

The big and the small

From a distance you get all the impact you could ever want as the sheer power of colour greets you with open arms. This is the big impact when you first see it. There’s a bold confidence to the whole painting and one that shouts positivity from every point on the canvas.

But this is far from being a one trick pony; this painting has all kinds of secrets waiting to be discovered. Most noticeable is the detailing as you move closer in. This doesn’t rely solely on the initial reaction but instead invites you to take a look at the more subtle and considered side of things.

The detailed photos on this page bear testimony to the bewildering array of tiny features that all form together to make a giant mass of brilliance.

And it doesn’t matter what you’re a fan of it’s all in here somewhere; it really is like having a thousand tiny paintings in one.