Above and Beyond

horizontal lines painting by Swarez

‘Above and Beyond’
is a large square abstract art work made up of lines and stripes

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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blue striped painting
blue paint
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Blue lines and other things

I am a huge fan of the colour blue. I even have a blue that’s made specially for me, so I am really  a big fan of using the colour in my work.

So in this new painting I wanted to create a bit of an abstract landscape (of sorts). Throughout the thought process I was keen to establish two things – a horizon point and a splash of colour.

For the horizon point I think it’s entirely feasible to select whichever line or band that you want – although the two that leap out for me are the orange one and the white on just above it.

The painting then is made up of a series of pours, firstly from one side of the canvas and then, after rotating, applied in the same way from the other.

Linear, regular shapes

As an abstract painter I am constantly challenged to set aside my desire for balance, uniformity and organisation and embrace the uncontrollable, organic and questionable.

So it was with enormous relief that I found a window of opportunity to  paint something with a more regular structure and a linear application of paint.

In fact, Above and Beyond was created in one session and it was live streamed out on the internet – the video image link above links to it and you can also watch the live stream video here. (Be patient whilst we clear up the audio issue though!)

Above and Beyond blue art by Swarez

Canvas and paint and the finished piece

I am using a very expensive roll of canvas at the moment – it hurts to even think about how much this costs per metre! But that aside the finished piece is gorgeous. it has a mixture of gloss and semi-gloss finishes and also is really tactile when you touch it.

Some of that is down to the white paint which is actually a water-based version of my enamel paints and so the two don’t like each other.

What you get from that is a wonderful fusion of paint that results in some very unusual finishes. but you really need to be in front of it to appreciate that.

The inclusion of gold also adds yet another dimension to his painting and shimmers like the sun on the ocean in the early evening.

This is a striking and powerful painting but also one that becomes serene and peaceful the longer you spend with it. It’s perfect for a light sunny space or even a quite, reflecting and personal one.

abstract painting details
blue striped art in kitchen
abstract painting details

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