Midnight Halo

large round original painting called Midnight Halo

‘Midnight Halo’
is a very large, circular painting with incredible colours and forms

180cm diameter (71″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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paint details on canvas
round abstract painting on a wall
paint details on canvas

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Accepting the challenge

Midnight Halo is a giant circular painting created on a very expensive, hand-made canvas. This painting features a very varied colour palette and was painted LIVE on one of my live stream broadcasts in front of the world!

I paint a lot on these streams because it challenges me in different ways than being locked away for hours contemplating and procrastinating. I have my plan, I have to execute it and I have to create something wonderful and spectacular otherwise people don’t come back to watch the next time.

So it’s this dynamic that drives me and Ady to come up with ideas and concepts for new and exciting artworks. Midnight Halo is exactly that!

All things round

Circles are a very pleasing shape to me. They are never ending, regular and have a satisfying completeness about them. If you add a series of unusual colours and techniques you start to carve out something a bit special.

This was the first time I had used a new set of thick metallic paints on a circular canvas and also the first time I used a rotational force to move them. You can see this in action on the live painting stream that where the painting was created.

These new metallics (gold, copper and silver) provide a great depth to the piece and allows light to bounce around it in all kinds of different ways.

I have a few other circular art works on the site but this one is very different from all the others – even though the basic set up for creating is the same.

large round contemporary painting

Details and things

The paint details are incredible. On some of the detailed photos you can see the delicate fronds and edges as they appear and disappear into the next ring and so on. Using a multi-colour palette also helps me change the tonal range of colours to further enhance the separation between these ‘rings’ and it’s one of the ways I can achieve the feeling of depth.

I also like the elemental nature of this painting as it often feels like it could be a giant slice of rock or a massive geode. It’s sheer size and presence means that it will command any space it hangs in so if you’re looking for that all-important focal point or statement piece then this could be just what you’re looking for.

details of Midnight Halo by Swarez
Midnight Halo circular art by Swarez
details of Midnight Halo by Swarez

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