Mistral Blue


‘Mistral Blue’
is a stunning and intricate blue and black painting with highlights of magenta.

200cm x 80cm (79″ x 31″)


magenta paint on canvas with black and white
Mistral Blue by Swarez Art
details of Mistral Blue by Swarez

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A painting of two halves

Mistral Blue is a stylish and individual abstract that’s created using my incredible enamel paints. The painting features two shades of blue, white, cream, magenta and black coloured paint.

There are two distinctive parts this piece that I want to look into a little further. The first is the impact it has when you can see it a s the whole painting; from across the room, for example.

Turn a corner and Bam! There it is in all it’s wonderful, crazy glory. Yet, despite an immediate rush of surprise, there’s a delicate and soft side to the painting that you can only really appreciate when you are right up close to it.

That’s the other side of it. The personal one. It’s a space that only you occupy and it belongs to you. Here you can let your eyes meander and roam free – picking up every twist and turn, every river and valley. Each swirl and blend carries an almost infinite level of detail and this is everywhere, in all parts of the painting.

Black and blue

These two colours are very expressive for me. I don’t have any deep-rooted reason why – I just like them and seem to really enjoy what happens when you force them together.

I guess it’s a bit like particle physics when you collide things into each other to see what happens. I seem to get immense satisfaction (not to mention amazing results) when I do this with blue and black paint.

Of course, that doesn’t ell all the story because we need to mention the role that the magenta plays too. Here it’s all about balance and it brings a much-needed feeling of warmth to the painting. It only features in small areas but it’s enough to stop the painting from feeling too cold.

blue and black abstract art called Mistral Blue
swirls of black and blue paint
blue art above taupe sofa
painting details

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