bright colored modern art on a blue wall

is a large, rectangular painting constructed with beautifully light, coloured twists and loops

160cm x 80cm (63″ x 31″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of Momentum painting by Swarez
tall abstract art by a plant
colored swirls of paint

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Simplicity rules!

Momentum is a large rectangular painting that was created with a series of brightly colored enamel paints from every corner of the color spectrum. Far from being a rainbow themed original this is actually a lot more considered than that, even though every color groups is represented.

On first glance you get a blast of fresh air; the open space behind the loops allows everything to breathe. This crucial element is absolutely critical in allowing you to appreciate all the movements that are placed on top. Too crowded and it becomes a mess, too sparse and you don’t have enough to appreciate. Striking a careful balance is fundamental.

The loops are a series of overlapping hand movements that sees the paint poured from shot glasses to get the elegant shapes. Not all loops are the same though and this technique can be interpreted in many ways – check out Resonance, Quantum Loops and Threads of Time to better illustrate my point.

Color balance

This is where the the more considered part of the painting lies. Sure, it’s relatively easy to take a small vessel of paint and make a loop shape but how do you fill a whole canvas full of these to create something magical? The answer is in the colors.

From my own perspective, my use of color here is based on two principles: opposition and focal points. In many of the loops applications I have put paint on one side and then featured it on the opposite one. A good example of this is the turquoise; follow the loops on one side and then see them diagonally opposed on the other. Same with the light blue, lime green, red and orange etc.

The other principle is using certain colors as single focal points. Notice the bright yellow? That only features in one corner. There are a couple of others in there too but are vey subtle. The last point I will mention about the colors is the use of black. It’s there, but in very small quantities. Even the lightest of my work needs some gravity somewhere and this painting definitely had room for a few well placed loops and twists.

Momentum swirl and loops art by Swarez

The finished piece

The overall effect is one of brightness and definitely lifts you each time you look at it. A bright, breezy day, kites flying in the sky, a coral reef or a carnival – whatever gets stirred inside will be an entirely personal thing but the general wave of positiveness is one that’s impossible to suppress.

Momentum will add light and positive energy wherever it’s hung.

purple and green paint loops
tall abstract painting in a corridor
multi coloured paint loops on canvas

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