Tempest Breeze

large blue and gold art above a dining table

‘Tempest Breeze’
is a big rectangular painting full of magnificent blues and hints of gold

225cm x 75cm (89″ x 30″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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detailed view of art by Swarez
long original blue and gold abstract above a sofa
details of Tempest Breeze painting by Swarez

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About this painting

Tempest Breeze is a large rectangular painting that was created using my trusty enamel paints. The main area features blue, turquoise, black and gold paints onto a pure white base layer.

The concept behind the painting is a simple one but the outcome is exactly the opposite. Four colours can produce the most wonderfully complex structures that beg you to get closer and closer. This painting has rivers, blends, tonal shifts, fractals and a wealth of tiny details that almost seem to go on forever.

Colour choices

The inclusion of just four colours is key to the way this painting feels and behaves. Black and blue on their won can feel distant and standoffish but the inclusion of a rich turquoise and metallic gold changes the dynamic completely. Suddenly you are transported into a coral reef or an ocean wave.

Maybe you’re reminded of a storm surge or a mountain pass. The reaction you have will be uniquely your own but probably one based on the power and beauty of the world around us. Our brains are very good at attaching real-world references to things it doesn’t fully comprehend. that’s the power of a good abstract painting – it will let you complete the story for yourself.

big blue and gold art by Swarez

Where could it go?

Being long and rectangular, this abstract painting is ideally suited to a wall where there’s something beneath it – like a sofa or dining table. Equally though, it could hang above a console table or a bed. Placing Tempest Breeze is exactly that – a breeze!

With plenty of negative space around it there’s a coloured feature wall somewhere that’s crying out for this.

turquoise and blue paint on canvas
long rectangular abstract painting in living space
close up of Tempest Breeze by Swarez

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