is a striking abstract created with a series of overlapping, diagonal coloured lines

150cm x 180cm (59″ x 71″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of gold blue and orange paint strokes
diagonal lines art above a dining table
close up of Harmonia art by Swarez

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Lines are your friends…

Harmonia is a big abstract painting that was created with a collection of blue, gold, orange, white and black colours. Added to that is a rich, royal purple and a liberal dose of burgundy. It’s an unusual combination but one that works incredibly well.

The structure of the painting is made up of lines. Some of these were made using a window squeegee on a long pole. I had a number of different width heads to use which meant I could vary the width of the lines and strokes according to how and when i was building the layers.

As I am able to go over existing layers repeatedly, I can choose where io interlock and overlay my lines in order to create a feeling of depth. Some lie under others and some go right over the top. The ability to go over existing painted lines also means I can drag new paint over existing paint and thus create an almost infinite number of tonal variations as I go.

If you have a look at some of the detailed and close up photos you can get a good idea of what I mean.

The finer details

I always look for ways to get details into my original paintings and even in ones that look relatively straightforward there are so many small things going on. The nuances in Harmonia are really quite breathtaking. Of particular note for me is the big white cross that dominates the piece. It has the ability to frame a large chunk of the canvas whilst still allowing all the other elements to breathe.

However, it’s the small details that really intrigue me because, on closer inspection, they contain thousands of tiny dots of paint. This is down to the way n which I applied the paint by using a 2″ square timber batten. By pressing it down onto the canvas I can ‘blot’ the paint onto the painting. It doesn’t always cover it completely (due to the imperfections on the edge of the wood itself) so what you get is a line, but one that’s broken up into many different parts.

These parts have their own features and is present all the way along. It’s the rough sawn surface I have to thank for that!

Harmonia abstract art original painting by Swarez

Where to hang

You will definitely need space to hang this painting, not only because of its physical size, but because of the way it commands the room. Paintings like this need to breathe and aren’t well suited to small volume spaces. So even if you have a good size wall you need to be mindful of how big the room is .

So it’s ideal for anywhere that’s open plan of course. A hallway or stairwell, a landing or dining room. I have given three examples of real client spaces and what this would look like hung on them. if you have a space you’d like me to fill then I can do that virtually thanks to my skills with Photoshop. Send me a photo and I ‘ll send it back with Harmonia on your wall for you to see how awesome it’s going to look!

purple and white diagonal lines on canvas
purple orange and blue abstract painting
diagonal lines of paint on canvas

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