Threads of Time

black and rainbow colored modern art on a wall

‘Threads of Time’
is a striking abstract painting with a black basecoat and a series of lyrical colored loops over the top

160cm x 140cm (63″ x55″)


red and purple paint loops
pink paint on a black canvas

About this painting

Threads of Time is an original abstract artwork that comprises a black background with a series of 20 individual colored rainbow loops. These loops are enamel paints and were applied using plastic tumblers. Now, if all that sounds a bit like being in the second grade, then let me explain the rationale behind its existence.

The painting came out of series of intensive painting sessions, stressful live streams and the development process of a brand new technique using a cutting edge rotating platform. We had been trailing it and refining the processes to get circles and halos put down onto canvas. But everyone gets to a point where they need a break from doing the same thing and so I decided to stop all the craziness and let myself go.

For the love of paint

I want to mention the background quickly as this is significant. This happens to be the first time in my entire career where I have used a matt black base coat. Normally I would always use a gloss or semi-gloss version. Believe me there is a huge difference in finishes between them all. I had been contemplating the switch for a while but finally got my ass into gear and got a tin made for me.

It’s dense, absorbing and really quite wonderful! It has a darkness that never feels like I am staring into a void and it has a very interesting reflective quality as light hits it – quite unexpected if I’m honest. I love it and am now officially obsessed with it.

Anyway, as we move onto the colored loops over the top. They are a very lyrical series of movements that essentially capture the way my wrist and arms moved at the time of painting. Each one is a record of the moments in time where each micro decision, both consciously made and not, are recorded with absolute permanence. It’s a great way to view abstract art – see it as a means of visually capturing time.

Detailing and finish

If you have a look at the close up photos you can see how the paint has dried; forming high peaks and ridges where the paint lies at its thickest. This in turn creates a textured ‘dome-like’ appearance as light bounces around it. This spectacle means that the paint never feels static and, because all the colored loops are in the gloss version of my paints, they also look like they are still liquid.

These colorful loops are playful and carefree and have immense power where they interest each other. To me it reminds me of neural pathways in the brain or something like that. There’s even some gloss black in the centre too – have you spotted that yet? It was the last color to go on and a fitting conclusion to a very unusual piece of art but one that carries an overwhelming sense of freedom and joy. I can’t think of many walls where this won’t look spectacular.

black abstract painting
colorful paint loops
colored paints on black canvas wall art
close up of Threads of Time by Swarez