Vanishing Point

black and gold and blue art hanging on a wall

‘Vanishing Point’
is a calm and engaging painting with a gradient-styled theme

150cm x 100cm (59″ x 39″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of gold and blue paints on canvas
Vanishing Point art original hanging above a sofa
thick metallic silver paint on canvas

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About the painting

Vanishing Point is mid sized abstract art work with clean, contemporary feel. The colour palette ranges from dark to light, like a gradient, and features black, blue, gold, silver, white and cream.

There are in fact three colours of blue in here, including my own colour which is called Swarez Blue – a paint that also has a small metallic element to it which you can see in all kinds of lighting conditions. One of the other two is a hybrid blue which exists at the purple end of the scale; you have to get in close to spot that one!

The palette is very soothing and cool, yet retains warmth and character thanks to the inclusion of metallic gold and hints of cream at the top. Think icebergs and polar bears in a jewelers shop! Oh and check out that creamy, caramel-smooth metallic silver – gorgeous!

Blending paint

I have created a few paintings like this in the past that feature this graded banding layout. However, I’ve only used this colour combination once before. it’s a very cathartic way of creating for me as I enjoy the positioning of the angles and then the blending between colours. Sometimes that’s quite sharp and abrupt and other times is less so – that entirely depends on the day and the mood…

Within the blends themselves there are a thousand tiny details; remnants of my journey in manipulating paint back and forth. So even in the dense parts where nothing appears to be happening you can easily pick out textures and movements.


The role of gold is a very important one here. Not only does it have to bring everything together but it also needs to stand on its own merit. The paint itself carries an unusual quality in that it doesn’t really mis well with the others (different manufacturer). This may sound problematic but it isn’t – it’s actually a blessing! It means I can use this to my advantage and let the gold stand out wherever it’s placed.

Sometimes that’s in the smallest of seams, adding a lightning flash when you least expect it – in other instances it will grab you and immerse you without apology and this is a painting that definitely falls into the latter category

blue and black abstract painting
Vanishing Point painting by Swarez Art
metallic blue paints on canvas
blue and gold art hanging portrait on an entrance wall

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