Galaxia - contemporary red, gold and black painting

is a large, square contemporary painting created with gold, red and black paints

180cm x 180cm (71″ x 71″)


details of red and gold paint on canvas
red black and gold star painting
details of red and gold paint on canvas

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Embrace the power

This is a very large red, black and gold abstract painting. Let’s make no mistake about the size and impact of this piece of art. I think it’s worth pointing out that you’re going to need quite a large space to hang this in and one that you want to crown with something completely magnificent and bold.

This is a very powerful and individual artwork and one that will always command attention. For the few that have seen it in my own gallery space I can tell you, it’s a tremendous draw and a very lively conversation piece!

Whither you classify this as modern or contemporary, or any other label for that matter, there’s no getting away from the scale of it, the strength of the colours and how I have arranged them

The painting

So now we’ve established the ground rules let’s talk about the painting. The dominant force here is that huge metallic gold star that moves in all four directions. You may see it as exactly that or perhaps something else. The refractive qualities of this particular paint really are quite extraordinary.

Then we can move on to the supporting cast of red, black and white paints. These are the backbone that allow the gold to do its thing. In some places the black is thick and dense whilst in others it is diluted from a rich, brooding mass into delicate fronds.

It’s this ‘washed away’ feeling that helps to tone down the penetrating depth of paint that is so prevalent, and is key to letting the painting breath. In so many of my works it’s this contrast between light and dark that carries the whole piece, creating something far greater than the sum of its parts.

red black and gold art

Land on your own moon

So, with each movement of your eye as it passes between the four squares in each corner, you get different sensations and feelings. Stand a little closer and the fine details begin to appear. These exquisite movements are yet another highlight of this magnificent painting. Its ability to work from all viewing distances is mesmerizing.

Galaxia is definitely one of my signature abstract paintings. Whether red, gold and black is your thing or not, there’s no escaping the power and individualistic undertones of this painting. It was never created to fit in, instead it’s existence is an homage to the need to stand out.

Be bold, be free, be you. Care not for the opinion of others, their approval or their pretense. Preserve the self, cherish the self and honour it with something that only you can love. Time to be selfish and obey the little voice inside.

Now pick up the phone and call me…!

gold and black paint details
red black and gold art next to piano
gold and black paint details