pot plant with a piece of art hanging

is a multi coloured abstract featuring rich blends and intricate details

120cm x 110cm (48″ x 43″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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rivers of pink and blue paint
grey sofa and blue green abstract art hanging behind
paint cells made with enamel paint

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Galaxia is a medium sized abstract painting created with an assortment of different coloured paints. I often refer to this style of painting as fluid. The technique is an organic one that involves letting the paint do what it wants to do once all the applications and basic movements have been done.

That period after I finish doing my thing is where the organic nature of the painting comes alive. By allowing the paint to find its own pathways and behave in the way it does gives way to a very fluid feel and one that never requires much effort to get along with.


The inclusion of all major colour groups means I get to play with all kinds of principles regarding balance, light and ark and so on. Perhaps, though, it’s the weight of dark blue and lime green that gives the painting its backbone. These two colours always go well together and are happy to be surrounded by almost any other.

I have woven in a number of bright and contrasting tones around the blue but the sheer density of it remains the major attraction for me. It’s actually called Boston Metallic Blue and is an automotive colour. Whatever the derivative, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

lime green and blue abstract art
swirls of green and blue paint on canvas
rectangular painting hanging on a wall
details of Galaxia painting by Swarez