Sonic Boom

abstract painting created with paint droplets

‘Sonic Boom’
is a halo-style painting created with a series of fine paint droplets arranged into diffused circles

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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green and black and red paint droplets on canvas
blue and green abstract art above a console table
Sonic Boom painting by Swarez

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About the halos

Sonic Boom is a small sized, square abstract painting that is comprised of a series of paint droplets that have been spun off from a rotating platform. To the best of my knowledge this process has not been replicated and certainly not with the machines we have built that are unique to us.

It’s a process whereby paint is placed onto a small rotating platform (which is battery powered) that sits in the centre of the canvas. Paint is then accelerated until it falls off as droplets and onto the canvas surface. I can control a lot of variables to affect the behaviours of the paints – viscosity, volume, speed, duration etc. Each of these will give a different result and therefore means that every time I use the halo technique I get a different outcome.


For this particular abstract painting I used a combination of green, blue, black and red and fused the applications onto series of diffused circles. Using attachments like tubes can affect how the paint is delivered and that will vary the way the paint forms – sometimes with thin lines and some times with droplets.

The end result is pretty stunning and very unusual. It’s light and uplifting whilst also being very tactile and engaging. I absolutely love this original and it’s outward simplicity belies a very complex structure and composition.

If you would like to see exactly how i made this painting you can watch its creation on my YouTube Channel right here.

halo style painting called Sonic Boom
droplets of paint on canvas
black green and red painting with circles
details of rings of paint

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