striped painting on canvas on a white wall

is a vibrant striped painting created with all colours of the rainbow

200cm x 130cm (78″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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paint stripe details
rainbow stripes painting
rainbow stripes of paint

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About the painting

Continuum is a large sized abstract painting that’s composed of stripes of paint fed from the top to the bottom of the canvas via gravity. At the base there’s an accumulation of paint that I caught when the canvas went horizontal on the floor and this is the first time I have ever captured the ‘run off’ from doing a multi-coloured stripes painting.

You can see exactly how this effect was achieved by watching the video below. Here you can see the entire creation from start to finish.

An everlasting rainbow

There is so much grey in the world these days that I feel the need to populate it with as much colour as possible. If you are really looking to add some colour into your life then this is hard to beat. Every colour group is represented and each one of those in itself contains so many tonal variations that you really don’t know where to look first!

The stripes are also formed into all kinds of different effect too and no two are the same. Some bend a little, while others have soft edges. Some don’t go all the way down, some go off at angles.

It’s a mixture of all kinds of variables that existed uniquely over the duration of its inception. Those variables will never exist again, but are now captured and frozen in time for as long as the painting exists. I like that concept a lot. Think about it for a moment. Life is not perfect and neither are the stripes. We are always trying to make sense of the world around us so if your brain is trying to correct the imperfections, then this is not for you.

The bit at the bottom

As I mentioned earlier, this is the first time in 15 years I have captured the pooling at the bottom (something that always happens when you run paint down a vertical surface). Sure, this has been done before by other artists but this is my version and I’m owning it.

I absolutely love this but and will be doing it again when time allows. I love the way the expectations of a rainbow suddenly get mashed up by morphing into complex organic swirls at the drop of a hat.

Overall this is a very bright and uplifting painting. The vertical rainbow stripes give this abstract a real vibrant and dynamic personality that’s finished off with a dramatic baseline that defies the predictability of what sits above. Nice!

striped abstract art by Swarez called Continuum
details of red and purple paint on canvas
large rainbow colored art on a wall
coloured stripes of paint on canvas

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