Rotational Waveshift

blue and green square painting in a modern room

‘Rotational Waveshift’
is a colourful and highly engaging abstract painting featuring maroon, lime green and blue paints

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


lime green and maroon paint on canvas
grey sofa and green blue abstract art
blue and red abstract paint strokes

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Find your happy

Defining what makes you happy will always be a very personal thing. For me, one of my best feelings is finishing a painting knowing you’ve nailed it. So, here we have one such painting. It’s a square abstract that was created on my spin table and features a series of bright, happy and uplifting colours.

And as if the combination of lime green, maroon and dazzling blue wasn’t enough on its own I’ve gone on to form them into some amazing shapes and blends.

In a spin!

Creating spin art is nothing new and that’s okay. The trick is finding new ways to use the principles of centrifugal force and gravity. So, each time I commit to canvas I am consciously tackling physics and using it to help me manipulate my paints.

With Rotational Waveshift (I know, great name right?) I wanted to create a horizon point where the main paint applications could stop. This is the red edge that you see right before the big expanse of blue.

For me it’s always a risk leaving a large part of the canvas covered in just a single colour and it’s not something I do often. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, I nailed it and the result is spectacular!

Rotational Waveshift abstract spin painting

The use of colour

Colour plays just as much a role in the painting as the shapes I create. One of my own personal highlights here is the use of green. I am not a lover of this colour in my paintings, but I know I need to challenge myself with it and develop my understanding of how it should feature in my work.

So, with a bit of pre-practicing, I came up with what you see here. I am ecstatic with the result to be honest and think it’s a combination I am definitely going to be using again. The maroon (which is a hybrid of purple, pink and red, is the colour that carries the whole painting. It is stunning!

So there you go. A perfectly sized and proportioned abstract painting, packed with drama and colour and fused into a series of vibrant and beautifully blended shapes and tones.

It doesn’t matter what your interior colour scheme looks like either because this is very at home no matter what. Grey sofa? No problem. Oak flooring? Piece of cake. The dark wall in your conservatory? Easy!

Drop me a line below and let me bring this out to you to prove exactly how sensational this is going to look in that big empty space you’re staring at.

red and green art
lime green and maroon paint on canvas
square painting on landing next to glass balustrade

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