big modern art painting in a grand hallway

is a beautiful and intricate multi color painting

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


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copper and metallic silver paints
large modern art by a glass dining table
details of paint effects on canvas

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The basics

Spectrum is an absolutely gorgeous work of art. I don’t say that to force you to like it because you can make up your own mind about that. Instead I make such a bold claim because of the way it makes you feel when you stand in front of it. Here then, is what you need to know about this truly stunning painting.

It is quite a large painting so you will definitely need a reasonably big space to hang it. This requirement also extends to the space in the room too as you will need a little distance away from it to fully appreciate it. It will definitely suit any kind of space – from dining rooms to hallways and conservatories to kitchens.

Light is always such an important factor when you come to display artwork. Don’t worry though, this is definitely a bright piece so the need to light it is greatly reduced compared to most paintings. The sheer wealth of colours in here make it light and bright enough for even the most darkest of corners.


This painting was created with my beloved enamel paints and was done in one session. In fact, a quick scroll down to the video link on this page will show you the whole painting being painted. I did it on one of my weekly live stream broadcasts and this full, unscripted and unedited, live event can be watched below.

One of the most impressive things you’ll discover here is the use of one single tool to cover the entire canvas. It’s just a 6×4 inch piece of hard plastic used to spread grout on walls when tiling. I love them and can achieve a great depth of movement with it and just my imaginations. This simple tool has many uses and functions as you will see in the video – including picking up paint and putting elsewhere, drips and drops, dragging and cutting.

When I get going with this technique there’s literally no stopping me!


Colour is always an emotional talking point as we all have our own unique reactions to them. I think there are around 22 individual colours in this particular painting which then get woven into each other to create thousands of tonal blends between them. So the ‘spectrum’ of colour (See what I did there?) is quite overwhelming. I have looked at this in almost microscopic detail and I am astounded by how much detail there is on just the color alone.

The standout one for me is metallic copper because of the way it weaves itself in between so many of the others. in some places on the canvas it exists in delicate cells and connecting cells whilst in other parts it’s more brazen and obvious. Whatever way you see it from though it’s completely captivating.

large multi color art
turquoise and purple paints
modern art in a stairwell
Spectrum art details

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