The Shapiro Delay

long green bright painting

‘The Shapiro Delay’
is a striking lime green abstract painting with a myriad of detail and color

190cm x 90cm (75″ x 35″)


paint cells
rectangular abstract art lime green paint
swirls and streaks of paint

The Lime Green base

Lime green can be wonderful addition to a painting but when you start out with a complete canvas full of it things tend to get interesting! This piece is a mid-sized abstract painting that features a melee of vibrant colours across thew centre, arranged in horizontal wave structure.

There are all kinds of colours in here, some you notice straight away whilst others are more subtle. It’s definitely one of those art works that needs close attention as that’s where it really begins to tell its story.

This painting is very bright and cheerful. No hints of darkness, no moody tones – just vibrant multi colored happiness exuding from one side to the other.

Packing in the details

There is an extraordinary amount of detail to look at here which is entirely deliberate. I always like to pack in as much as I can to my paintings as I have a deep fascination for all things small (quantum mechanics) as well as all things big (cosmology). This reminds me of strings of particles all pushed together.

And the closer in you go the more revealing these principles of big and small become. Even with your nose pressed right up against the surface of the canvas you can see world within worlds as effects like cells and swirls dive ever deeper into themselves. I normally run out of words to describe this phenomenon because I simply can’t do it justice but to me it’s like looking at a fractal – something that just keeps on going. That’s how it feels the deeper you go.

A rectangular abstract of this size and proportion is perfectly suited to just about any space so making a decision with your practical, designers head on shouldn’t be too taxing. Then it just comes down to whether you love it or not. Art should be as simple as that. be led by the little voice inside, it’s never wrong.

Why the unusual name?

The Shapiro Delay is essentially a calculation of time delay on gravitational waves as they pass a massive object. Shapiro tested and concluded this by using radar pulses that he bounced off Venus and Mercury (as you do!) to measure the round trip time. He predicted that there would be a delay on receiving the bounce back according his calculations and he proved that to be correct.

I like this approach to solving theoretical physics with practical experiments and Shapiro was one of those people who rarely gets talked about but whose research has become legendary. A fitting homage then.

large rectangular green and multi coloured painting
close up of abstract painting
The Shapiro Delay abstract art
paint details on canvas