United We Stand

blue and pink modern art

‘United We Stand’
is a breathtaking abstract painting based around blue and pink colors

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of a Swarez painting
colorful artwork in a modern kitchen
colorful paints on canvas

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What this is

United We Stand is a unique abstract painting was created with enamel paints and it’s entire creation was filmed on one of my live stream broadcasts. It features a lot of interesting and diverse colours but the main focus ones are magenta and blue. The painting has a gloss finish and can be hung in any one of four orientations (8 if you count the diagonals).

Into this are woven metallic gold, copper, black, white, turquoise, orange and green. it really is the most spectacular feast of colour and detail and now I’m about to tell you exactly how I created it. The sheer depth of colour here makes the painting very eye-catching and this is down to the way in which I have shaped the blue and pink tones; it’s these that carry all the others into a growing, morphing structure full of life and energy.

Using a jelly mould!

Yes, that’s correct – I used a jelly (jello) mould to apply the paint for this stunning artwork. It stared off in the centre as i poured paint into the centre and let the paint run down the sides. Now, at this point I must admit I haven’t mentioned the secret piece of equipment so best to come clean now – it’s my infamous spin table.

in order to get the paints to flow from the centre of a 170cm wide canvas (all the way to the edges) I need to employ the services of centrifugal force. The way I achieve that is through my spinning platform that can be rotated between zero and 200rpm, giving me complete control on how paint flows around a canvas.

It’s easier to watch than explain so best off hitting play on the video and seeing for yourself. Even by my own standards, this is a bit special!

United We Stand original art by Swarez

Living with the painting

I often remark on how great my work is – something that is borne of the way in which the materials and shapes come together rather than a cocky, assured arrogance which it could be mistaken for. I can say this with absolute confidence because I know what it feels like to stand in front of something like this.

And that doesn’t mean you have to fall in love with it or even like it – it simply means you have every chance of being wowed by the textures, the depth of colour, the shapes, the intricate details and the overall finish.

That’s the assured angle I approach from. I would never be so bold as to suggest you should like it as that is way too personal and subjective. No, what I want is for you to appreciate of the impact of it as well as all the nuances.

With all that in mind it’s no surprise to learn that living with the painting is an absolute riot! I have had it in a prime location in the gallery and it never, ever fails to make me stop and smile. I don’t get that with a lot of my own paintings but with this one I get it completely.

So if you’re the one that likes it enough to want to see it for real the chances are it will have the same impact on you too. But don’t le me presume that to be the case – drop me a line and come and judge that for yourself. I think if you have any kind of renovated or modern interior scheme this is going to look unbelievably good.

enamel paints on canvas
tree inspired modern art painting
streaks of paint

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