small modern art in a hallway

is a stunning spin painting created with a series of mesmerizing colours

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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red and green paints on canvas
small abstract art above a blue console table
close up of Luma by Swarez Art

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About this painting

Luma is a small sized square abstract painting created with just five colours. It’s a piece of spin art because I created it, in its entirety, on my infamous spin table machine. The blank canvas was placed upon the top and base coated with a blend of orange and red enamel paint.

After a few minutes away from the canvas, whilst I mixed the paint into a four-compartment split cup, I returned and poured the paint (aquamarine, blue, yellow and red) in an assortment of loops and twists and then began to spin the machine at a high speed.

After around 90 seconds I stopped the spin table to have a look and knew instantly that it was done. Sometimes that happens and you don’t need to do more spins or overthink/overwork things. I knew instantly that it was complete. And what a painting we have!


As I look at this I feel like it’s in constant motion; there’s a real and dramatic sense of outwards movement and one that seems to keep on going or even repeat every time you glance back at it. A quick scroll through the photos reveal some of the details this painting features and also the remarkable way in which my paints form as they’re subjected to centrifugal forces.

Despite the painting being a brutal attack on your colour senses there are some truly delicate and gentle blends as you move in for a closer look. So even though this painting is small by my standards it’s every bit as engaging and involving as originals twice this size.

It’s colorful, conveniently sizes and beautifully finished. Now you really can have all the razzmatazz of an abstract painting without it breaking the bank or slapping you in the face each time you walk in the room. Conveniently, you can hang it on any one of the four orientations (I sign on the back) or eight if you feel brave enough to hang it as a diamond!

As a point of reference it’s a similar technique to another original painting of mine called Giant’s End.

multi colored spin art
details of paint
spin painting above a chair
spin art details

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