Giant’s End

red and gold abstract art

‘Giant’s End’
is a stunning, square multi-coloured spin painting

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


square spin painting in hallway
bright coloured square abstract art
red and orange art on canvas

Indulge, immerse, explode!

Giant’s End is a square contemporary art painting that features red, orange and gold as its primary focus colours. In to this goes a whole host of other beautifully complimented tones to create something spectacular and bursting with life.

It’s bold, fresh and exhilarating. This painting is very much a celebration of everything that we are. There are no punches pulled, no holds barred and absolutely no bullshit. It’s as carefree as I can be and, despite paying very close attention to everything I do, is utterly liberating.

Planning makes perfect

There is, of course, method in everything I do. One simply can’t turn up at the canvas face and throw paint around without careful thought and application. I have done that in the past and everything turns a vile pinky brown colour.

So, everything has a plan. With Giant’s End that plan was for bold, bright colours and my favourite piece of tech – my electronic spin table.

Centrifugal forces are pretty cool to work with because you never can quite predict exactly what will happen.; I mean, you can get close, but you can never be absolutely sure what will happen for each action you take.

Paradise Circus art by Swarez

Fortune favours the brave

There’s nothing lucky about painting; you plan, you paint, you assess. Get that wrong and it’s waste-bin time. Get it right and you let it dry long enough to sit down and smile at what you’ve done.

And that’s exactly how this painting makes me feel – like bursting into a giant smile. I got all the applications as I wanted them.

I spun everything just right, balanced the exploding bit perfectly, got the gold in the right quantity and spun it all around until that critical point where I knew instantly I got it!

Sometimes it all just works. And that’s what we have here. A stunning red, gold and orange abstract that flows, moves and thrills in all the right ways.

details of Paradise Circus by Swarez
red and teal coloured paints
orange and green abstract art
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