Major Minor


‘Major Minor’
is a large original painting created with metallic gold, black and white paints

275cm x 130cm (108″ x 51″)


large black and white art in hallway
tall abstract art for hallway
detailed view of black and gold paints on canvas

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Using black white and gold in abstracts

I have written before on my love of using these colours – especially in the bigger paintings I create. Black and white are absolute favourites of mine because they are so expressive. However, when you add in gold (and in my case a stunning metallic version) the whole dynamic changes enormously.

With Major Minor the premise was clear. Opposing black, white and gold stripes (if you can call them that) and spaced reasonably equal whilst being applied from the top and bottom. This is never an issue for me because I paint everything flat on the floor so I can move around all sides of the canvas.

Spacing and density

When I work with black, I am always incredibly careful with the quantities I use. It’s surprisingly easy to use way too much and spoil everything. I have learned over the years that I need to apply it in waves so as not to destroy a perfectly good composition.

In this painting it was pretty much touch and go the whole way through. As I add the thinning medium, I get a different rate of affect than with all the other colours, meaning it takes longer for the paint to spread and dissolve. And with that I need patience as I can very easily add more paint before I’ve given a previous application the time it needs to settle and spread.

I absolutely could not afford for that to happen here otherwise I would stand to lose the white space and the balance of the other tones.

Major Minus abstract art by Swarez

The end result

Well, it’s hard to ignore the sheer size of the painting that’s for sure! By its very nature it’s imposing and attention grabbing but never in a forced or contrived way.

It makes its presence felt in a very mature and grounded manner whilst packing in all the joy and intrigue of owning a contemporary abstract painting.
And with it essentially being a monochromatic painting it has no problem in suiting any environment because it won’t clash with anything.

I mean, you still have to live with it right? Whatever your view on art is you still have to walk past it everyday if you decide to buy so being comfortable with your surroundings and the environment you hang it in is just as important as how it makes you feel.

Don’t worry though, I am very tuned in to that and can have this on your wall in less than 48hrs if you’re keen to see what it’s going to look like. Drop me a line and let me change your world forever.

And that’s not some pious boast – that’s what great art can do, and I would live the opportunity to prove that.

black and white paints on canvas
abstract paint movements
swirls of black and gold paint

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