Mardi Gras

gold sofa with rainbow painting behind it

‘Mardi Gras’
is a large mural-type painting created with an array of multi-colored paints

200cm x 100cm (78″ x 39″)


multi colored abstract painting in living space
large multi colored art
multi colored paints on canvas

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What is this and why?

Mardi Gras is a contemporary painting created with an assortment of different coloured paints and it was created live during one of my live stream events. You can watch it here.

I have had the desire to paint one of these mural-type paintings for a long time. I have only done three in the entire time I have been an artist so the idea of doing one has been eating away at me for ages. Anyway, we finally have it and I am super excited with it too.

The original inspiration

To get the most from the painting you must understand that the way I classify this type of painting is to call it a mural. Now I suppose that’s not entirely accurate but consider that the original inspiration for the concept was taken from an enormous work by Pollock called Mural – which was a 20ft long painting featuring a series of repeating loops and colours.

Let me point out that ten years ago, when I painted the first one, this was a heavy influence and though I have moved far away from that original inspiration, the principles of a regular shape, repeated in colour across canvas, still remains prevalent.

Run Like The Wind by Swarez Art

Tools and finishes

Unusually for me I chose to use paint brushes for most of the paint applications. My multi-colored enamel paints aren’t best suited to being applied with brushes and certainly not on an upright surface which is how this was painted. However, I soldiered on through and the result is as majestic, raw and unapologetic as it gets.

The result is a large multi-colored painting that not only resonates at the warm end of the spectrum but also contains exquisite detailing and some epic colour and shape forms. Have a look at some of the detailed photos and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

For me it’s like having a very grown up rainbow hanging in your room. Who can argue with that?

details of Swarez painting
details of paint colours
multi colored enamel paints

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