Golden Shores

gold blue and white painting on a wall

‘Golden Shores’
is a rectangular original painting created with metallic gold, blue and white paints

190cm x 80cm (75″ x 31″)


white blue gold painting
tall abstract art in blue and gold
blue and gold art details

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Golden Shores is an abstract painting created with blue, gold and white paints. It’s painted onto canvas using my trusted enamel paints and you can see it being painted here in the replay of my live painting stream broadcast.

I used a series of techniques to get these effects as you will see if you watch the video. I am a big fan of linear, back and forth movements and you can have a serious amount of fun with them. Lines and regular shapes can be manipulated and coerced into doing some truly wonderful things.

Gold, gold, gold

There are many stand out features and talking point in this painting but perhaps the one I want to mention above all the others is the shimmering metallic gold.

It’s impossible to show you how this reacts to sunlight when photographing it with a camera. We’ve even tried using a camera phone and that doesn’t work well either. The only way to see how incredible this effect is is to be stood in front of it. The glow and luminosity of the gold even made me stop in my tracks and I know what it looks like!

It’s the part of the painting that really sings but let’s not forget the supporting cast of other colours and forms.

Golden Shores art by Swarez

Colours, tones and textures

Blue, and its associated tonal variations, is deep and rich. Black edges its way into the sides to offer stability and gravity. Hints of grey calm and temper some of the exuberance.

Then you get a little closer and suddenly all these crazy and infinite details leap out at you. Rivers meander, canyons rise and fall. I may sound very enthusiastic about this, but I have every reason to be – it’s gorgeous.

Opulent, rich and involving yet calm, considered and contemplative. It’s everything I love about my craft and the effort that it takes to even open a tin of paint. When it all goes well, when it’s no effort and when you can’t wait to keep going you know you’ve struck gold.

Ah yes, and there we have the gold again! Bravo!

black gold and blue paint strokes
black and blue art details
black gold and blue paint strokes

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