A Few More Degrees

orange and red small painting

‘A Few More Degrees’
is a rectangular original painting created with orange, red and white paint

110cm x 85cm (43″ x 33″)


Red and orange modern art painting
red gold and orange paint

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The beauty of red and orange

I admit I like all colours (not so fond of green though!) but it’s the combinations and quantities to place them together in that really excite me.

Thoughts of colours and combinations are as infinite as the size of the universe so being able to navigate through the endless choices is something of a skill, especially if you’re looking to do something you’ve not done before.

So, though I may have used red and orange previously, this is the first time I have done so in these ratios and with an equally brilliant supporting cast of colours.

Combining the parts

The background is formed using a deep red and warm light orange together with a little black and some delicate purple inclusions. In fact, the background alone is worthy of a painting in itself!

On to this comes the main event. A swirling mass of bright red, orange, peach, gold, pink and sunset yellow. This all gets topped off with hints of white and black. This combination is gorgeous. It’s both rich and opulent yet light and airy.

Its shape is contained yet the feeling of movement is always prevalent. The richness of the background directly affects the lightness of the foreground and so the two parts mould together to form one painting. One mass. One emotive response. I love how the components come together like this.

A-Few-More-Degrees painting by Swarez art

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