Those Winter Sundays

warm orange and burgundy art

‘Those Winter Sundays’
is a warm and centred original artwork featuring orange and burgundy colours

120cm x 85cm (47″ x 33″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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details of mustard yellow and white paint
small maroon and orange abstract art
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Doing something different

There are many things I enjoy about creating. One of them is the ability to break off and do something different once in a while.

With Those Winter Sundays I have done exactly that. So, here we have a warm and comforting new painting created with a palette of colours I would not normally choose to work with. But, it’s autumn as I write this, shortly after completing the painting and it seems befitting to put that into context, together with the name.

It’s taken from a 1962 poem by Robert Hayden, US Poet Laureate during the late 70’s. His short work detailed the relationship he had wit his father and in particular it’s the references to him keeping the family safe and warm, with no expectation of appreciation, that really struck a chord when I read it quite by accident.

Read Those Winter Sundays here.

It is this connection to being warm that we all find important in our lives. Whether this be an emotional or physical thing, it is a basic requirement at some point or another. Sometimes it is good to acknowledge that and, for me, show that in the materials I enjoy the most – paint and canvas.

How it was created

The painting is created with my trademark enamel paints and was done in a single session. This means I didn’t stop to let layers cure before moving on to the next part. I stayed in my pain pod from start to finish. And I am very glad I did because the result is gorgeous!

From the bottom (or side depending on how you view it) you get a deep rumbling of deep maroon tones dancing with a muted woody texture. This leads into an unexpected crescendo of piercing yellow as it gets violently interrupted with a splash of white.

Then, as the light begins to lift it we get some stunning hybrid fusions of white and dusky pink before the whole painting leaps into freedom with a cascade of flaming hot orange to bring the whole painting together.

It’s heat, warmth, light and comfort all rolled into one exquisitely crafted painting. The tonal ranges alone are something special let alone the impact of it from all viewing angles.

Those Winter Sundays original orange art

The finishing touches

I thought about this a lot before I executed it because it would be very easy to get the balance of colours wrong and the volumes misjudged. In the end though I need not have worried. There’s a great balance of everything and the feeling I get is of being wrapped up in blanket lying in front of a log fire. Can’t argue with that!

Additionally, this is also a very confident and mature original art work. It doesn’t have to rely on it’s inspirations or subject matter to be appreciated or loved.

The secret to a good abstract painting is its ability to connect you and resound with you so that you can complete the story for yourself. If are able to pick out your own references or desires from within it then you’ve won, and that’s the only voice you should ever listen to.

warm orange and red tones of paint
Those Winter Sundays painting by Swarez Art

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