Stellar Evolution

blue purple and black abstract painting

‘Stellar Evolution’
is a magnificent leap into all things cosmic!

150cm x 130cm (59″ x 51″)


art details like stellar dust clouds
large art like the universe
splash and cell paint effects

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Techniques and style

This original abstract painting is inspired, like so many of my works, by the universe and cosmos. I have written before about how stellar phenomena provide endless wonder and amazement for me.

So, it comes as no surprise that another painting hits the site with a seriously cosmic vibe. And with Stellar Evolution the theme is one of growth and new beginnings.

Let’s look at the technique and effects first. You may like to know I created this artwork during one of our regular live stream broadcasts that we do most Wednesday evenings, direct from the paint pod at Swarez HQ.

It was created as part of splash week so that gives you an idea about one of the techniques involved! I highly recommend you go take a look at that epic abstract painting live stream to see exactly how this painting was created.

Backgrounds and things

Next up is the background. It was applied in stages of colour (from dark to light) and was then moved around the canvas with a window squeegee. On to this went a couple of pots of paint using the splash technique followed by some careful chemical manipulation to get the cells to appear in the right places.

The details are really quite extraordinary and that’s no generalized brag – they are rich, numerous and exquisite. But it is perhaps the addition of the sparkling metallic gold that makes this painting leap from awesome to epic.

cosmic universe inspired original art


I cannot take enough photos to demonstrate how this feels when you look at it. No words I use can convey the impact of light hitting it. Gold envelopes individual cells in a secretive technique that I have mastered, with some knowledge of material chemistry. It is every bit as good as I say it is, if not better.

The painting is life. It’s the universe. It’s our dreams and aspirations and it’s all about growth and new beginnings.

Perhaps then, if you recognize your own life within those words, this could be for you. Drop me a line (using the form below) and tell me how you feel. This is all about you now. That’s all this should ever be about.


Wonderful you…

art details like stellar dust clouds
Stellar Evolution painting by Swarez Art
splash and cell paint effects

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