pink and purple abstract art on a wall

is an abstract painting featuring numerous shades of pink, blue and purple paint

160cm x 110cm (63″ x 43″)


pink blue and purple stripes on painting canvas
large linear striped line painting
pink blue and purple stripes on painting canvas

What is this?

Hemispheres is a medium sized abstract painting featuring a series of coloured bands/lines/stripes that form the composition of the painting. I used purple and pink as my primary range of colours but also added a marine blue and cream to lighten things up a little.

It was created on one of my live stream broadcasts that we do each Wednesday at Swarez HQ. You can see this one being created in a very unusual way thanks to the use of a giant whiteboard and a very interesting way of using it! It stands unique among my techniques as it’s the only painting ever created with this particular technique involved. Catch the live painting stream here.

The result of all this ground-breaking ingenuity and inspiration is a linear painting (a series of repeated forms) that feature coloured bands. These were applied individually and left to form under alternating gravitational forces.

Colour selections

The use of colour is the most important consideration when I create these liner line paintings because it’s the one thing that determines the feel of the painting once the lines and black are formed. You can choose to create all kinds of themes using this method of paint application but what makes a great painting comes down to the choice of colour.

For this painting I wanted a relaxed vibe and one that wasn’t difficult to live with. So I went for a purple based palette with accenting pink and lilac then there in a shot of water blue as the contrasting force. It makes for a great break point at several key places and helps to separate the painting into more manageable chunks.

Focal points

In portrait orientation it very much feels like a series of horizon points and I think it’s quite easy to find several land, sea and sky references. This is a good thing because line paintings (for me anyway) need horizons from which we can anchor ourselves.

It’s a beautiful sea of tranquility and one that can hang almost anywhere. It’s got just enough of everything – real world references, stunning colours, textures and tiny details. Perfect for almost any space that’s crying out for something colourful but relaxed.

pink and purple painting by Swarez
large sized pink striped art
pink blue and purple stripes on painting canvas
abstract pink and purple painting made up of stripes

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