entrance space with a large painting

is a very large abstract painting full of rich, vibrant colours and spectacular forms

300cm x 130cm (118″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

details of space themed art
huge red and black original painting on a wall
details of paint on canvas

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Finding the right words…

How do I find enough words to talk about this new large abstract painting to fully do it justice? Well, let’s first establish what it is. red and orange paint on canvas

It’s a huge rectangular space-inspired abstract that was created with a wide variety of vibrant coloured enamel paints.

It was created in just two sessions and the whole journey was recorded LIVE on air across the internet during our Wednesday night live stream broadcasts. When you’ve read this, and marveled at the pictures, be sure to go and watch Creating the Universe: Part One and Part Two.

How it was made

The painting was created with inspiration from the cosmos. Things like gas clouds, stars, suns and planets. Of course, this is not directly referenced in the painting as its an abstraction, but I think you can definitely tell its influenced by space and stellar wonders.

The basis for the painting was a black underpinning that carries everything that goes over the top. This is incredibly detailed and precise. It has a very dense and infinite quality to it – much like the feeling I imagine you would get by looking into the deep voids of space.

As you can see in the video of Part One I obsess over the placement of the container ‘rings’ for most of the first part. This is such a critical thing to get right as it defines the areas that will get filled.

massive original abstract painting

It’s all about the colours

It is perhaps, though, the dizzying array of colours and forms in the centre that really takes your breath away. I simply can’t begin to capture the intricacies and the complex finishes of the forms, let alone the power of the colours I’ve used.

Being close to it reveals textures that beg to be touched and that reflect light and then bounces it off again. The effect as you stand in front of it really is quite something to take in.

For me though there is one clear star of the show that shines above all the others and that’s a very special colour called Rocket Red. It’s frighteningly expensive to make and I use it very occasionally. It is a fluorescent colour as well as being bloody bright!

There’s no way my camera can capture it so please do give yourself the opportunity of seeing this if you can – you won’t be disappointed!

So, if you have a double height entrance space or a massive blank wall somewhere then consider bringing the universe into your home. What a statement that would be!

details of space themed art
large abstract painting in a tall entrance space
details of paint on canvas

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