Love Rains Eternal

blue and turquoise painting

‘Love Rains Eternal’
is a rectangular original artwork with stunning blue, aqua and copper colours

150cm x 110cm (59″ x 43″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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copper and blue coloured paints on canvas
blue, aqua turquoise painting on black background
copper and blue coloured paints on canvas

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Pushing the boundaries

Love Rains Eternal is a contemporary painting created with blue, turquoise, copper and a light, mint green. It’s a departure from some of my more established painting styles in so much as it was borne from an experiment we did a while ago with a rotating barrel and then a subsequent enquiry from a client. We’ll look at that in more detail below.

The painting has a definitive landscape orientation to it as that’s the best way to feel the power of the ‘rain’ movements that come from top to bottom. In the first painting I did like this (Neon Rain) I used a different set of criteria and different paint colours but for this painting (keeping the ‘rain’ theme going with the name) I refined and modified that to create a more defined horizon point.

How it was created

The rotating barrel has become quite the spectacle on our live stream broadcasts (every Wednesday at 7:30pm UK time). But you may be surprised to learn that this painting wasn’t created on the barrel – this is the result of what was caught underneath as the paint comes off. Bet you weren’t expecting that were you?

So creating this painting is about applying paint to one canvas and then closely monitoring what happens on the other. So at no point do I ever touch this with my hands except to stretch it around the frame. How cool is that?

The science behind it is quite complicated actually. Critical to that process is the height of the barrel above the canvas i am capturing the paint on. This drastically affects what happens to the paint as it comes off the barrel. There is definitely a sweet spot! Additionally we also have to set a speed that allows the paint to form and fall under the effects of gravity to a point where I can create these long raindrop movements.

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of adjustment to get it right – in fact, for this and one other painting (that a client commissioned) it took us a whole day to get right before we could start the actual paintings.

Love Rains Eternal art by Swarez

Colours and forms

The colours are stunning and perfectly set off against a dense black base layer. Rivers and droplets are everywhere as well as a wealth of tiny dots and specks and a whole load of very fine details.

The aqua/turquoise is a particular highlight for me as it sits somewhere between the light and carefree mint green and the dense, joyous blue that surrounds it. Add in a dash of copper for some warmth and what you end up with is something unique among the already unique.

details of rain inspired art by Swarez
blue and copper painting on a wall
details of rain inspired art by Swarez

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