Neon Rain

rain styles abstract painting with black and green colours

‘Neon Rain’
is a rectangular original painting created with turquoise, purple and white paint

150cm x 120cm (59″ x 47″)


details of turquoise and purple abstract paint
rectangular modern art with green and purple colors
purple and white trails of paint on canvas

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What is this painting?

Neon Rain is a medium sized original abstract painting created with turquoise, purple, blue and white coloured enamel paints.

Its size and dimensions make it perfect for almost any space you could think of – behind a sofa or perhaps a feature wall in a dining room, for example.

This is the first painting using a new technique and one I recently discovered during my LIVE painting streams that we broadcast on most Wednesday evenings.

Unusual creation

The method of applying the paint is highly unusual and this is how I can get such accuracy with the straightness of the lines.

I won’t spoil the intrigue for you but will give you the link where you can go and see for yourself exactly how this painting was created because it really does take some explaining using words – probably best just to watch it being painted here on YouTube.

Neon Rain art by Swarez Art

The neon connection

The movement and flow of this painting is extraordinary. From the fine, delicate whisps of pain at the base, to the proud drops at the top and the long tails that are left behind. It’s amazing what can be dome with this combination of neon-like colours.

And though I may liken it rain it may feel like something completely different to you. Perhaps fields of corn or people dancing or something else entirely? That’s the beauty of good abstract art – you can finish the story off for yourself. You can let it be whatever you want it to be.

details of turquoise and purple abstract paint
green and purple art in living space
rain droplets of paint

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