Phoenix from the Ashes

art like a Phoenix rising

‘Phoenix from the Ashes’
is a spectacular modern art painting created with a wealth of uplifting colours and forms

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


radiant blue paint on canvas
Phoenix from the Ashes original painting by Swarez
radiating gold paint on canvas

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A new hope

This original modern art painting was created during a period of change and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all.

I don’t need to talk about how this time-frame has changed a lot of things for a lot of people. So, whilst in lockdown (and endeavoring to keep things normal) I have inevitably been drawn to thoughts of moving forwards and coming through this time of uncertainty with a renewed sense of purpose, hope and motivation.

It is with great pride then that I give you Phoenix from the Ashes. A personal expression of being lifted from this most unusual of times and to thoughts of carrying ourselves off to a more fulfilled and richer existence. From the darkness into the light if you will.

Embracing change

Though I have been working harder than ever before (as if that were possible!) this effort has been for a reason – it is fueled by a determination to be stronger, happier and more grounded than before. Being uplifted and risen gives way to new hope, clarity and change in the perceived way of living. It makes us better people. It improves our quality of life.

Change should always be embraced, no matter whether we can appreciate the reasons for it. Our growth and resilience is born from the desire to be, and live, better than we were before – both for our own sense of the self and for the benefit of others.

So, with this new painting I am celebrating all of this. Most noticeably for me is the colour palette. There is a rich diversity of colours and tonal shifts that take us from light and carefree through to rich and intense.

Then there is that incredible yellow in the centre and it’s this that carries the whole painting. It is the Phoenix, the catalyst and the abstraction that gives the painting its freedom and its unbounding joy!

Large square modern art painting

Bringing everything together

Metallic gold shines and radiates whilst other colours dance and burst through around it. I cannot feel anything but happiness when I look at this.

And its creation was equally liberating too; it became what it is in the very last minutes before I stopped after a few final additions brought everything together.

I like it when that happens – when you reach that crucial point then the whole thing stops being a collection of parts and becomes whole. That’s when I know I’ve done something pretty special and in Phoenix from the Ashes that’s exactly what we have.

An incredibly personal, and unique, modern painting borne from an equally unique time-frame in our history.

You can watch this painting being created on my YouTube Channel by watching the LIVE Stream here.

orange and red paint on canvas
Phoenix from the Ashes abstract art
details of modern spin painting by Swarez

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