large abstract painting in an open plan space

is a square original painting with a wealth of colours and textures

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


amazing coloured art
Resynthesis original art by Swarez
abstract painting details

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Doing something different

I don’t recall doing anything quite like this before so we are indeed breaking new ground here. This, then, is a large square abstract painting created with enamel paints. It is created in layers and this, in turn, has helped build ups the textures in the paint.

The shape of the main feature is the most striking thing you notice. It’s a form that moves from one corner to the other and carries all those incredible colours and details with it.

There are swirls, drop and rivers everywhere and the individual components are truly mesmerizing when you get up close to it. The colours are deep and rich and form some amazing effects.

Space requirements

I talk about space quite a lot because the amount and type of spaces we live in have a huge impact on the way we experience and interact with our art on a day to day basis. This painting doesn’t need a big open plan space like some of the others do; this is partly down to the light and uplifting nature of the colour palette but also the movement of the main series of forms.

It needs a wall large enough for sure but you’d be surprised how amenable this painting is. One of the things I think really stands out here is the ability of this painting to feel like it belongs in nature.

I think it’s the subtlety of the main burnt orange tone that wafts and waves through the centre coupled with the elements of green that leap in and out as you move your eyes around it.

multi colored abstract art

Textures and things

The textures and details, as I have eluded to already, are really quite astonishing. Take a look at some of the close up photos to see what I mean. This painting gives from all viewing distances and engages no matter where you view it from.

If you want to make a statement then this is for you. I can’t think of a better way of celebrating life and your extraordinary uniqueness than with a painting as singular and dynamic as the life you have created for yourself.

textured coloured paint on canvas
square abstract art in kitchen
swirls of paint

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