Every Breath You Take

round large canvas painting in a living room

‘Every Breath You Take’
is a round original painting with a clean palette and minimal style

121cm (48″ diameter)

£1250 (was £2500)

includes UK delivery

details of a round painting
circular abstract art behind a sofa
details of a round painting

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Round and round

I really enjoy painting circles. So, when I eventually get the chance to order some round canvases, it comes with great anticipation for what may become.

And we kick start off this new phase of circular painting with a light and uplifting piece called ‘Every Breath You Take’. It is mainly created with black and white paint but has small subtle highlights of others in there too.

One of the most noticeable things that I reckon you’ll pick up on straight away s the restrained use of colour. I am normally way more adventurous as you may already have gathered!

But that is entirely deliberate as I wanted to show off the beauty of the circle shape by accentuating the curves and arcs of its circumference. I achieve this with a carefree, almost dream-like series of tonal shifts and movements that meander gently around the edges and into the centre.

round minimal abstract art

Be calm and relaxed

If there was a word I would use to describe the paint flow it would be subtle. This painting isn’t there to shout at you, it’s there to add some peace and serenity to a space that wants something to fill it but isn’t in need of a fanfare.

It’s power lies in its confidence and maturity. You get all the joy of owning a stunning piece of contemporary art without the angst or pain that can sometimes get carried with it. The relaxed combinations of lilac, purple and mushroom all contribute to a feeling of calm and content.

This beautifully finished original artwork carries some stunning details too. For those few that have seen it for real I am told it reminds them of the moon and also of the sea. I’ll take that!

Every Breath You Take by Swarez Art
grey black and white paint on canvas
Every Breath You Take art by grey chair

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