Moonlight Shadow

tall abstract art in a hall

‘Moonlight Shadow’
is a large, engaging abstract created with a range of blue colours, topped with a hint of orange and gold

160cm x 100cm (63″ x 39″)


details of Moonlight Shadow by Swarez
gold sofa and blue painting
orange and blue art

What is this?

Moonlight Shadow is a large sized abstract painting created with a series of metallic blue enamel paints and featuring a big swoosh of orange through the centre. It also featured a min-blowing metallic gold as well as hints of red and purple.

The main forms consist of a series of movements than radiate from the centre (mainly all the blue you can see) fused with a river of orange piercing its way in an arc shape across the centre.

I’m always happy with the paintings I create and put out onto the site but I must admit that this one, in particular, has really opened my eyes.

I mean that from a wholly selfish perspective; there’s something that very obviously appeals to me and that’s exactly how it should be. Some things in life resonate more with you than others. Art is a great barometer for likes and dislikes and a measure of us a humans.

Beyond the photos

No matter how well I take photographs I can never convey how spectacular my artworks look in real life. There are lots of reasons for this – lighting, viewing distance, camera lenses, mobile phone screens and image compression. It’s the same for all of my paintings and this one especially.

The sheer brilliance of the metallic blue that forms most of the painting (called Swarez blue you may like to know!) is utterly captivating. The way it sucks in a reflects light is a matter for ones own experience and not at the behest of the small words I can use to describe it. It really is that mesmerizing.

Then there is that smack of gold that literally lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s the most sensational colour and one I use in a lot of paintings, and for good reason!

blue and white abstract art

Gold, gold, and more gold!

It is the inclusion of gold that really lifts this original away from the mundane and into the place where the great things are. For me to make a statement like that should have no bearing on whether you like it or not – it is said as measure for the way that all these parts combine together to create a visually stunning experience.

And that doesn’t stop from a few feet away either. Like so many of my original paintings I am a sucker for the small things and pack in as many details as I can. This means the painting will always keep giving no matter how long you stare at it for.

Finding the right space

So, what can you expect by owning this big blue abstract art work then? Well, if you have any kind of horizontal open space then it’s going to fit in very well. There’s just the right amount of colour and energy to make it the focal point but never too much to make you drop your coffee.

And because of that it can hang perfectly well in a bedroom on a feature wall (or above a bed) as well as it can in a passing space, like a hallway or landing.

The other great thing is that you can hang it in portrait or landscape and in any orientation, so it has great space versatility too.

details of Moonlight Shadow by Swarez
big blue painting in a modern living space
details of Moonlight Shadow by Swarez

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