green exploding star art work

is a spectacular modern art painting created with pink and green paints

160cm x 100cm (63″ x 39″)


exploding paint on canvas
pink and green modern art
metallic purple and lime green paints

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Oh joy of joys…

This is such an uplifting painting. I get a real swell of comfort and pleasure when I look at this. So let me tell you why and what this original modern art work is all about.

To begin with let’s look at the colours. Out of all of them (And there are a lot!) I think I notice the halo of pink first. This is such a focal point and one that really sits at odds with the rest of the painting.

Sure, the rich metallic purple is there as a bridge between pink and green but even without that I would still be drawn instantly to this amazing colour.

There is also an abundance of greens in this piece, not normally a colour I dive into with any great joy. However, occasionally I do pop some in and, when I do, it results in something great. And in Penumbra that fact is borne out in the most spectacular way!

The huge tonal range in just the green alone is pretty staggering let alone that same principle applied to all the other colours too. And have I mentioned the deep aqua and turquoise that gently laps the edges? It’s as mesmerizing as all the rest and provides a tropical backdrop that allows the top layers to show off beautifully.

And those stunning shapes…

At this point we should talk about the shapes that have been formed in this magnificent assault on the senses. The painting was created on my spin table and has been subjected to a varying level of centrifugal force.

This is the way I have been able to show the painting exploding from the centre. Paint explosions like these remind me of stars forming so there’s definitely a sense of regeneration and rebirth going on here. That makes me feel uplifted to know that everything is in a constant state of recycling. That way I feel like nothing every really dies, it just keeps being made into something new.

large modern art painting

What’s in a name?

Lastly then, let’s consider the name. There are several interpretations of the name Penumbra but generally speaking it has a cosmological context and refers to a space of partial illumination (like an eclipse) and is the bit between the shadow and the full light – kind of like a shaded region that surrounds something dark or light.

So, I think of it as a fringe or aura. I imagine the exploding rays of colour to exist around or behind something else. And to a great extent they do – the purple mass in the centre. The details that surround it really are quite remarkable and complex.

Oh, and one other thing – this mass of metallic purple developed some rather interesting ridges as it dried. It’s something I have never seen since despite using the same pot of paint in two other paintings. They feel like little ripples in space to me – very cool!

Overall then ,this is a confident and uplifting modern art painting with masses of exciting colours and forms and is the perfect size for literally any space where a shot of colour and life is required.

pink explosion on modern art
detailed view of Penumbra by Swarez Art
tall modern art in a hallway

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