contemporary painting called Vibrasphere

is a square painting with dramatic cell structures and beautiful colours

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)


paint effect like feathers
square spin painting
purple and yellow paint

You got me in a spin!

Vibrasphere is a fantastic new sin painting that was created with my amazing rotating centrifugal platform. I have mentioned it on other posts and panting previously because of how awesome it is and the versatility of its design

Sure, we can talk about that another day but for now let’s look at the actual painting and how it was created.

Starting with a flat canvas this was put on to the flat base and a base coat of paint was applied. I think this was a burgundy mix and was fused together with a 4 inch paint brush. On to this came the top layers of paint which are the ones you can see in the photos.

Building layers

Most of my spin style paintings are built up of layers. As each small series of paints are applied the decisions are made as to how and when they spin and for how long. Each one of these decisions affects the way that these individual layers look.

At the end of the sessions I decided to stop when I got those amazing cells you can see growing from the centre. It’s a very important thing to know when to stop. When it feels right then it’s right. And in Vibrasphere that was an easy decision to make. I think that helps contribute to a brilliant end result.

red yellow and purple modern art

The best bits…

My favourite bits are the four explosions that seem to randomly appear from the centre. Though not connected to each other, these features carry the whole painting and set the tone for the movement and feel of the whole piece.

And even though they are off-centre for positioning they never make the painting feel awkward or unbalanced. Instead they feel perfectly weighted yet carefree, and just random enough to suggest that other forces are at work.

The power of these shapes can only really be achieved by placing them over a blanket of beautifully fused white that serves as an underpinning to the main elements. This, as I mentioned above, is one of the layered elements that is critical in building up the structure of the painting. Layers add depth, Plain and simple and you don’t need a PhD to see that working brilliantly in this piece.

cell structures in paint
grey armchair and purple art
details of Vibrasphere by Swarez Art
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