Red Six

red and black abstract art

‘Red Six’
is a bold statement piece packed with intricate details and a huge heart

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


red and gold painting details
square black and red original art on a wall
red and gold painting

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What a statement!

And what a painting! In many ways I think that if you’re going to do an abstract then you should go for something that really has some balls.

And Red Six has definitely got them. Okay, so now we’ve addressed all that bravado we can settle back and discover the more subtle side to this very interesting and highly engaging original artwork.

So let’s cover the obvious things first – It’s a square abstract painting comprising of a blended dark background a featuring a giant red splash over the top which sits over a complimentary layer of bright metallic gold.

It’s this particular element I find the most fascinating because it’s very much a mid-way point between the finality of the darkness and that unbounding joy of the red. Think of it as a bridge between the two and you can see how important it is.

And when the light hits it – well, it literally lights up like a Christmas Tree!

Detailing and subtlety

It’s not all fireworks though; there is a more detailed and subtle side to this painting. Scroll through some of the images and you’ll see tiny craters on the background that catch and reflect light. Then you can see the individual roller strokes that the background was applied with.

Keep looking and you can see where I have blended the giant red splash into small rivers of shiny gloss black paint  – all sitting on top of that beautiful background. You only really appreciate this part as you move from one side to another. Marvellous!

Then there’s the main event – that huge red paint splash. Actually, to call it a splash is not doing it justice or being entirely accurate. It is more like a controlled pour with a flick at the end (it’s an explanation that’s not as catchy as the word splash though).

This was mixed perfectly to achieve a spread that would move far enough to cover the amount of canvas I wanted but not too liquid that it spread out towards an edge. Mixing and preparation is always critical but never more so than in the paintings that are made, or destroyed, with a single paint application.

Red Six modern abstract painting by Swarez

Celebrate life

The great thing about square paintings is that you can orient them in four different ways – this is something I have shown in the photos. It’s good to see what it will look like from different hanging positions. I think you can see how the dynamic of the painting changes depending on which orientation you hang it in.

This is certainly a painting you notice. It will need a decent sized space to hang in and it will command the wall and your attention each time you walk past it. So if you want to celebrate that and really make a big statement then I can think of no better painting than this one.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you have a pulse. That you mean something and that life is way to short to worry about the reactions and judgement of others. Often it’s the most bold and decisive actions that bring us the most reward.

Pick up the phone, call me and let me bring this incredible painting out to see you.

red and gold painting details
red splash painting next to a grand piano
red and gold painting details

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