The Light That Surrounds Me

black gold and white modern art

‘The Light That Surrounds Me’
is a large black, white and gold abstract painting

180cm x 130cm (71″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging.
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black white and gold abstract painting
big painting for a kitchen
black and white paint on canvas

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What is this?

Before I delve in to things a little more let me tell you about this artwork. It’s a black, gold and white abstract painting that’s created using my beautiful enamel paints and is a series of waves that permeate from dark to light.

The gold paint is something I use a lot because it’s the most wonderful, sensory experience to see in natural light. It really brings the painting alive.

Added to this is a combination of black, silver, grey and white. You may also see a slight hint of duck egg blue and a few other random, but very subtle, colours hiding among the waves that form the effortless meandering nature of the painting.

Simple and elegant

You don’t always need to shout to get your point across. Sometimes it’s better to let things flow out of you and let nature take its course.

Let’s be honest with each other here – I normally go nuts on my paintings because I like the freedom and drama of painting in a very physical way. The results of that is everywhere to see. However, to commit to that way of creating and that only, can feel unbalanced and heavy. Where does the rest come from? How do I calm the fuck down?

The answer comes along very infrequently.

It comes when my own world crashes around me. When that feeling arrives I try to bash it out in paint. To find out what changes and what doesn’t. It’s an interesting dynamic. And I shouldn’t really create when I feel uneasy or anxious but sometimes, very rarely, I do.

The Light that Surrounds Me by Swarez

The truth of the matter

This next bit has nothing to do with me trying to convince you to buy the painting. It’s the honest truth of why this even exists.

The whole point of this piece is to move from darkness to light. Whatever light you can find. We all face darkness in our lives and it is never easy to find the way out. I have had my own to deal with recently and I chose to embrace it. The black is not that big a space on the canvas and that’s deliberate – it’s me refusing to let it take over. But I do acknowledge that it’s there.

We move through turbulence to find our way through. We battle our own self-doubt, our own worth and our sense of being. We ask questions we can never find the answers to. Yet amidst the torturous tides we swim against we are, in fact, surrounded by light.

The problem is, we tend not to see it.

The uplifting bit

Whatever you are going through, no matter how much life and death envelopes you there is light. Be safe in the light that surrounds you. It will free you from the fear and the pain.

Surely you have someone in your world that brings you comfort? Tell them. Tell them today. Hug them. Hug them now. If they look at you like you’re a dick then keep squeezing them. It’s okay. They’ll get it eventually.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can break us but it’s the even smaller ones that can make us. When your own darkness arrives remember that. Remember to look for the light wherever you can, no matter how hopeless a search that may feel.

You are not as alone as you may think. We’re all in this together.

So there you go. This simple, elegant and pretty intense painting has a sentiment and message that perhaps outweighs its appearance. But then it can often be that the simplest things in our world can be the most beautiful and profound.

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